We all cringed at the recently-released montage of nail-biting car crashes in New Jersey caused by drivers who run red lights. The company who provides the most red light cameras in the country, American Traffic Solutions, noted that 11 people were killed in the state in 2009 as a resulting of red-light running related collisions. But Monmouth County assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon believes that they're a scam. "They're ATMs in reverse—your money goes in and it never comes out," the Republican tells the Star-Ledger.

Scanlon went on to say that the cameras were supposed to prevent crashes, and that the drivers in the video "simply weren't aware they were going through a red light." However, as CBS notes, a recent survey showed that 77% of Garden State residents approve of red light cameras, and 56% say they change their behavior behind the wheel.

A spokesperson for ATS says they hope the video "brings to the light the dangers associated with red-light running and reinforces the need for motorists to slow down at intersections and obey traffic laws by stopping at red lights."