Red Hook; Photo: Wired NY

Continuing a series on the resurgences of NY neighborhood, the Post looks at how Red Hook has been reborn. A pivotal moment in Red Hook's history came in 1992, when Principal Patrick Daly of PS 15 was killed in the drug gang crossfire, and from that point on the NYPD "saturated" the area. The crime stats are telling: - Crime has declined 60% since 1993 - Murders: 12 in 1995, 0 in 2003, 1 in 2004 (year to date) - Robberies down 64%; rapes down 33%; burglaries down 68% The Post also points out that even though the area is being gentrified, the area is still poor, with high unemployment and below average family incomes, which might be why many lower income residents support big chain stores building in Red Hook (higher income residents are citing noise and traffic as reasons not to develop).

The Post also interviews Arnaud Erhart of Red Hook darling restaurant 360; Erhart "dropped a rent controlled apartment on the Upper East Side" to move to Red hook: "It actually cost me money to come to Red Hook." Somewhere, a NYC real estate junkie just fell to the floor.

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