Red Hook residents held a demonstration Saturday to protest a concrete factory poised to open between a park and the Red Hook Community Farm, one of the city's largest urban farms. The protesters are worried air near the plant will be polluted, and the organic produce will be coated with concrete dust. But the site, located by the Beard Street Ikea, is zoned for heavy industry, and the owner of the company assures the Daily News his plant will have "a lower carbon footprint than most of the concrete being made today." That doesn't placate pint-sized protester Matilda Armstrong, 11, who volunteers at the farm. She tells Brooklyn Paper, "Putting a cement plant right next to a park — how stupid can they be? They should put it in the desert so it doesn’t affect anyone." An aide to state Sen. Velmanette Montgomery is less cute: "I don’t think they appreciate the density of this area and how litigious New Yorkers can be. If you’re opening a cement plant in an area with a 40-percent asthma rate, you’d better open your pocket book, because you’re going to be spending a lot of time in court."