A few weeks ago, the Brooklyn Paper suggested that the Red Hook grain terminal might become a storage facility for building materials. The NY Times follows up with a look at the progress so far and the building's decrepit appeal. John Quadrozzi, who wants approval to store materials for concrete and cement there, said the silos could hold 70,000 tons of cement and is essentially built like a bomb shelter because they used to hold "combustible grain" (!). The Department of Environmental Conservation is currently reviewing plans for renovation.

In fact, our own Jake Dobkin is in the article, too, and he mentioned a recent trip visiting the grain terminal in Red Hook. You can see photographs of this trip from at Bluejake and on Flickr from these other urban explorers: f trainer, Gowanus, elizabeth weinberg, and mercurialn.

And a fun fact: Quadrozzi is the man who spotted Sludgie the whale and Gowana the harp seal.

Photograph by Bluejake