A City Council panel approved the plan for Ikea to build a store in Red Hook (which means that the City Council will likely approve it), after months of debate about what the ramifications of a superstore would be (traffic congestion, would area residents get jobs). But the store would just be one of the many ways the city is building up Red Hook: The NY Times article notes that a Fairway grocery store is being planned, as well as a cruise ship terminal and a relocation of the Brooklyn Brewery. Other things to sweeten the deal: Ikea will be offering free weekend ferry service from Manhattan, and the city will be extending the B61 bus line. Now, New Yorkers won't have to go to New Jersey or Long Island to partake in the affordable and disposable furniture chic, as well as the Swedish meatballs with lingonberries, of Ikea.

What do you think of the plan? Is this what Red Hook needed, or is it the end of the Hook? Gothamist on Ikea in Red Hook.