Whatever you do, don't call Tony Hayward. A tipster directed us to these photos, taken by redhookd, of a supposed oil spill off Valentino Pier in Red Hook. She writes, "The spill is in the water and at least 2 miles long. You can't even go there, the smell is terrible and you get headaches from it. People in Red Hook are extremely upset. There are dead starfish and other creatures washing up on the shore." It's believe the spill occurred some time last night; our tipster and others want "to get the word out so people and their dogs and kids stay away."

According to redhookd's Twitter, "Maritime sanitation now on the way to the oil spill at Valentino Pier," and the Coast Guard was also checking it out—"Hearing it may be gas." We've contacted the OEM, FDNY and DEP, and will update when we have more details on the situation.