In a blow to the growing gentrification of Red Hook, the Post reports a judge has "temporarily blocked" the development of luxury condos in Red Hook. Apparently, a waterfront warehouse would be converted into over 150 apartment, but some are worried that the fact that it's located next to the only working port in Brooklyn will doom local manufacturing. Gothamist would guess that the development, backed by Bruce Federman of Industry City Associates, must be near this port at the Buttermilk Channel.

The money quote is from the Red Hook Gowanus Chamber of Commerce lawyer, Michael Hiller, "Having well-heeled residential condo owners complaining about noise from the port is a recipe for absolute chaos." Yeah, well, that well-heeled, complaining condo owners hasn't stopped other developments in Brooklyn, which is probably why Federman is reportedly "confident" about the restraining order being lifted. Here are Gothamits's posts on Red Hook (like how it's safer, how there's a farm, how a taxi plunged into the water). And you want to talk Red Hook real estate development? Check out Curbed's Red Hook coverage.