A Red Hook-based maraschino cherry company has pleaded guilty to marijuana possession and illegally dumping chemical waste into the water, seven months after its owner killed himself during an inspection that unexpectedly revealed the massive pot growing operation.

Dell's Maraschino Cherries, which supplies massive national chains like Red Lobster, Buffalo Wild Wings and TGI Friday, will pay a $1.2 million settlement, some of which was already collected via the nearly $130,000 found stashed in owner Arthur Mondella's office, as well as his $150,000 Rolls Royce parked in the company's garage.

Mondella shot himself in the head in February after officials, acting on a warrant to investigate the company's dumping habits, uncovered his enormous subterranean growing operation behind a shoddily erected wall.

Ultimately, the marijuana charges were limited to one count of marijuana possession in the first degree, the Times reports, though it remains unclear who else besides Mondella was involved. Dell's, which employees around 30 people, will be subject to weed-related inspections four times a year for the next three years.

It's also required to cease contaminating Red Hook waters with overly acidic cherry by-products.

“This company polluted our sewer system, violating the law and their permits, in an attempt to save money,” Brooklyn district attorney Kenneth Thompson said in a statement. “This agreement holds them accountable for their unlawful conduct and also ensures that this plant won’t be used for other illegal operations. It’s a fair outcome that allows this family-run company and its employees to stay in business while securing necessary safeguards to protect the environment.”

Dell's has been on the State Department of Environmental Conservation's radar for years, though their investigation came to a dramatic head during February's ill-fated probe. About four hours into questioning, officials reported catching a faint whiff of weed, in addition to noticing a shelf shoddily attached to a wall with magnets.

When they inquired about the weed scent, Mondella, 57, excused himself and walked into the bathroom attached to his office. Upon locking the door, he shouted to his sister to "Take care of my kids" before shooting himself in the head with the .357 Magnum he apparently kept strapped to his ankle.

Investigators soon discovered around 80 pounds of pot and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash stowed in the factory, and later, after executing a search warrant, unearthed a much larger growing operation under the warehouse, in addition to a collection of fancy vehicles including a Rolls-Royce, a Porsche and Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Dell's has until October 15th to pay the $1.2 million. A spokesman for the Brooklyn DA told the Post that the deal was reached in an effort to keep the family-run company from being forced to shutter after nearly 70 years in business.

“We reached a compromise with them to make them pay for misconduct but still keep their long running family business in operation," he said.