2006_06_refusetruck.gifCity Council Speaker Christine Quinn continued to show how different she is from former Speaker Gifford Miller by backing part of the Mayor's garbage plan. The plan includes creating a recycling plant at pier 52 (near Gansevoort - and right in Hudson River Park, where the trucks are parked), converting the recycling plant at 59th Street and Hudson into a commercial waster station, and then putting a residential waste station at East 91st and the East River.

The part that Quinn supports is the recycling plant in the Meatpacking District, which happens to be part of her voting district (and will most certainly raise the ire of her constituents), as she believes Manhattan should be responsible for its own waste. Well, let's see if that includes the other two parts of the plan. Last year, the City Council, led by Miller, rejected the Mayor's plan, but then the Mayor vetoed that. Ultimately, the City Council decided not to override the Mayor's veto (of their rejection). And we think things stopped there, but the Mayor's been hot on a "solid waste" management plan since 2002.

The NY Times adds that putting a recycling plan in Hudson River Park will need state approval, and the two assembly members in that district will oppose the plan. And in favor of it: The Natural Resources Defense Council.