It's no April's Fool - on April 1, recycling your glass jars and bottles, metal cans, aluminum foil, and plastic bottles and jugs is BACK, baby. Mixed paper and cardboard is also still recycled. You can see the flyer (PDF) the Departmen of Sanitation is including in newspapers next month. While the DoS foresees some confusion, they are confident New Yorkers will embrace being able to recycle everything. Recycling had been suspended to save money (glass for two years and plastic and metal for one year) but now the DoS has 410 new employees to help.

Check when your garbage is picked up in your neighborhood. The city has suggestions on how you can reuse stuff; these are mainly inanimate objects, not like boyfriends or friends or identities. Information on how to get rid of things like air-conditioners or computer (which are classified as regular bulk) in NYC. Check out the National Recycling Coalition.