colinpoe_sunset1031.jpgMother Nature is all treats and no tricks this Halloween. With southerly flow around a high pressure system centered to the east today's high temperature should be nearly ten degrees warmer than normal. The day should be mostly sunny but there may be a few clouds and ghouls this evening.

The quest for a record warm October has come down to the last day! Gothamist calculates a monthly average temperature of 63.65 degrees if Central Park warms up to between 65-67 degrees this afternoon. The National Weather Service rounds off to the nearest tenth of a degree, which means the resulting 63.7 will just squeak by the October 1947 record of 63.6. It is 56 in the park as we write this at 11 a.m. Only nine degrees to go!

Tomorrow is looking a little cloudy and with a chance of light rain. It will still be warm though, with a high in the mid-60s. Expect clear skies and seasonable temperatures again on Friday. Saturday should be very similar. Daylight Saving Time ends Saturday night. The time change doesn't affect the weather, but it does give everyone an extra hour's sleep before the marathon on Sunday. Runners and spectators can expect an early morning temperature in the low-40s before the day warms up to the mid-50s.

Autumn sunset photo by colinpoe via Gothamist Contribute.