wcvb_snow.jpgAfter falling one degree short of a record high temperature on Friday, the air came back on Saturday to set a new record of 63 degrees. That's the normal high temperature for April 21st not January 21st. Congratulations Saturday! By our calculations this month is shaping up to be the fifth warmest January on record. Yes, we love obscure statistics.

While we enjoyed the warm weather, we saw clowns riding bicycles up Lafayette Street, we miss winter. What's the chance we get could some snow around here? Pretty low for the next week. There may be some snow showers tomorrow night, tomorrow during the day should be pleasant, but they are barely worth mentioning. Mid-week may be cooler (i.e. normal), but dry, so no snow then either. The weekend? Bah, it looks like we are headed to another warm weekend. Maybe we need to head to Vermont, where ten inches of snow fell last night.

Snow plow photo because Gothamist misses the snow from WCVB-TV, Boston