Before yesterday December was running slightly cooler than normal. A record-tying high of 65 pushed the month to nearly a degree warmer than average and had Williamsburg residents enjoying the simple pleasures of the day without resorting to irony. As seen in today's weather graphic, a cold front arrived yesterday evening, leading to an immediate drying of the air and a gradual cooling.

The benefits of the dry air continue with a sunny, warm day today. Expect the temperature to top out in the upper 40s. Mostly clear skies should last through much of the day tomorrow. It will be breezy and nearly as warm as today.

A storm passing to the north of the city will bring clouds on Tuesday night and probably rain on Wednesday. Wednesday's high will be around 40 degrees, which is just about normal for the last day of the year. Right now it appears that the precipitation will be out of here by Wednesday evening. There is likely to be a chilly breeze when the shiny new ball drops at midnight. The new year is going to be off to a cold start. Expect lows Thursday morning in the teens and a sunny high Thursday afternoon around 30.