2008_04_subwaywait.JPGHow does a guy who molests women on the subway get started? The Daily News found the disturbing answer to that and other questions with a jailhouse interview with serial subway pervert Freddie Johnson.

Johnson was arrested for the 53rd time--and the 29th time for a sexual offense--last week when undercover police saw him rubbing up against a Hunter College freshman. His life of crime origin story: Seeing a man rub against a woman on a subway in 1982--"After the assault, he said, the man dashed off the train, and the woman continued on, unfazed."

Some other choice thoughts from Johnson, who was dubbed a "recidivist transit grinder" by the Manhattan DA's office: "I've never been violent. At most, this is disorderly conduct. I would never hurt anyone" and "When there's this many attractive women in the city and on the subways, don't they know [this will happen]?"

Photograph by Badison on Flickr