The NY Times examined the people who dash into restaurants and cafes to recharge their laptops, cellphones, iPods - you name it - as they try to remain connected and mobile. Many establishments seem to be cool with people free-riding on their electrical bill:

At Jackson Hole, a restaurant on Manhattan's Upper West Side, a regular diner used to plug his laptop into an outlet hidden behind a large framed picture.

"We finally got rid of that painting," said Anna Kalogeras, the restaurant's manager. "We definitely don't have a problem with people coming in using our electricity like that. It makes the place look busy."

Aha! However, at Amy Ruth's in Harlem, one waitress scolded a diner trying to charge up, asking who would pay for it? But one place where everyone sees people with laptops is Starbucks, which seems not to mind, and Gothamist is glad. Anyplace charging $4 for burnt tasting coffee (no matter how addictive it is) should be giving free shoulder rubs as well as electricity.

Where do you charge up when your batteries are running low? Or are you actually very aware of issues like these and carry back-up batteries?