The economic crisis is hitting us all hard, but we thought there were still some professions that were essentially recession-proof, such as sanitation workers, foreclosure agents, and robbers. But it seems that now even robbers are feeling the credit rating downgrade heat: a would-be robber has been accused of beating a 7-Eleven clerk in Long Island with a tree branch after his stick-up was unsuccessful.

Police have arrested Michael Zimmerman, who they say demanded money from a clerk at the 7-Eleven in Central Islip last Thursday night. When the clerk was unfazed by the tree branch and refused to comply, Zimmerman started beating him with it. He dropped the branch when he realized his efforts were futile, and fled the scene on his motorcycle.

An off-duty Nassau County police officer was driving by when he saw the suspect being chased by the clerk and a small group of customers. Zimmerman has been charged with attempted robbery in the first degree; on the plus sude, he has a bright future with the Wet Bandits.