A Brooklyn bank robber who has been charged in three stickups and suspected of 16 others was caught by the FBI because of a toxic mixture of Facebook and his ego. Jesse Hippolite recently changed his Facebook profile name to “Willie Sutton Jr.,” after the legendary bank robber, which was one of many mistakes he made which led police to him, including one post which seems to point to his entire ethos: “What If We All G0t Fed Up With This Recessi0n And Started Running Inside Every Fucking Bank T0 Give Us The M0ney That Bel0ng T0 Us??? Niggas Ain't Willing T0 G0 That Far And That's Why The G0vernment Ain't Never G0nna Respect The Pe0ple Because We All Ain't Wildin 4 Respect!!!”

In search of that "respect," 23-year-old Hippolite is accused of robbing up three Chase's around Brooklyn in the past three months, as well as 16 others dating back to last year. In each robbery, a black male suspect handed a teller a handwritten note that stated, “GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY OR ELSE EVERYBODY DIES!!! $100s $50s $20s ONLY.” No weapons were used in any of the robberies.

Police turned their attention toward Hippolite after a guard at the Chase Bank on Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn noted the first three letters of the license plate on the getaway Nissan Altima on July 1st. Police traced the vehicle to a friend of Hippolite’s, then discovered that the two men had been arrested together last year. Shortly before that robbery, it was discovered that Hippolite had written on Facebook, “I Gotta Get That $$$$$ Man!!!!” In another post, Hippolite wrote, "Crime pays my bills!”

You can still see Hippolite's Facebook page here, which is still listed under the Willie Sutton Jr. alias. Among other things, you'll learn that he graduated from the class of 1987 "take shit" college; that life is a thing that he enjoys making love to everyday; and that "U AIN'T FROM BROOKLYN IF U NEVER TOOK SHIT!"