Authorities are determining "whether two Bronx immigrants were executed in former Jet linebacker Jonathan Vilma's million-dollar Long Island condo," the Post reports. Last week, two "bullet-ridden bodies" were found in Brooklyn and Queens. The Daily News says, "The killings may have been sparked after a [Bronx] apartment...was robbed by a crew of gun-wielding men who stole a suitcase full of cocaine from [Sekou] Sakor, a Liberian immigrant" (his body was dumped off the Paerdaget Bridge). Another hypothesis, from the AP: The victims may have been involved in "an Internet scam in which people were sold what was purported to be cash smuggled from overseas, stained black to avoid detection, at a discount, only to be given paper." Apparently residents at Eagle Chase heard gunfire last Thursday—and a bullet passed through into a neighbor's apartment. Vilma, who is currently playing for the New Orleans Saints, is not a suspect in the killings, but cops want to ask him about who had access to the residence.