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The off-Broadway play GLORIA: A Life is a living, breathing documentary that tells the story of feminist icon Gloria Steinem — her early years as a journalist in New York City, her relationship with her ailing mother, yes, her undercover stint as a Playboy bunny, and ultimately, her evolution into activism.

Among the highlights from the play and Steinem’s life is her consistent claim that she learned how to be a feminist from black women. The play features several of these women, including the flamboyant and enigmatic black feminist and lawyer Florynce "Flo" Kennedy.

Actress Patrena Murray stars as Kennedy in the show, and she talked with us for this week’s Rebel about being “Flo” and becoming a feminist herself.

GLORIA: A Life is in the midst of an open-ended run at the Daryl Roth Theater, 101 East 15th Street. Details here.

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