2008_10_quinbl31.jpgShocking! After coming together to get the City Council to pass the term limits extension, now the NY Times reports there are tensions between City Council Speaker Quinn and aides to Mayor Bloomberg: "Feelings are raw between the two sides largely because Ms. Quinn took heavy political shrapnel for the mayor during the term limits battle as she rounded up support for what became an unusually difficult vote." In recent meetings that have "occasionally escalated into shouting," Quinn has been telling mayoral aides not to push for a property tax hike and a proposal for elderly program financing. And Mayor Bloomberg's calls to every City Council member to try to repair relations haven't been so smooth: Even term limits extension supporter Lew Fidler said, "I thought the phone call was going to be simply and purely, ‘Thanks for casting a tough vote.' I didn’t expect him to talk about the next tough vote." Ha! That's Bloomberg--Always Be Closing!