Yesterday, just after noon, a man drove a van into the lake at the Harlem Meer, located in the northeastern corner of Central Park. As a commenter on Harlem Bespoke pointed out, "Quite honestly - a person has to try pretty hard to do that!" And it turned out the driver, 30-year-old Anthony Romo, was aiming for the lake. A witness tells the Post that Romo said, "F*ck that car! It’s my father’s car. He loves that car more than he loves me." Another witness told the Daily News, "Then he sat down. He didn't try to resist or run. ... It was insane."

A lifeguard at the Lasker Pool, which is near the Meer, spoke to DNAinfo, "I'm right where the road is and I see this guy do a U-turn and gun it." Another witness told NY1, "He said he's tired of his father, the way he treats him and what not. I guess that was his revenge."

A Good Samaritan helped Romo out. Romo's father spoke to the Daily News: "The dad said he called the cops after Romo's girlfriend and her father refused to leave his apartment. Roho drove off in the 1997 Nissan Quest about noon, and his father said he hadn't heard from his son since. 'He's actually a really wonderful person,' the dad said."

Roho and a firefighter suffered minor injuries. Police do not think the act was criminal.