We've just been hearing word that there were three people locked in the bathroom of a NY-bound American Airlines Flight, refusing to come out. Two F-16 Flight Jets were called in to shadow the flight—but DON'T WORRY! The pilot is in communication, reporting there is no threat level and the passengers have "returned to their seats." The flight is about to land at JFK momentarily, the situation seems to have been resolved, and several law enforcement officials confirm the incident was not terrorism-related.

So one thing to keep in mind for the future: try not to suspiciously lock yourself in the bathroom of an airline on 9/11.

Update: According to NBC, at least two, possibly three, passengers aboard the AA Flight 34 were drunk and refused to follow flight attendant instructions. So another thing to keep in mind when you fly on an airplane on 9/11: don't be a drunken idiot.