And in today's Jesus H. Christ news: people are robbing toddlers. As the Post reports in at least two cases this year children have been robbed of jewelry by grown men while their parents look on in horror. Why a three-year-old needs a $400 necklace is another story.

Luckily at least one of the alleged toddler-robbers has been taken into custody. Police yesterday picked up Michael Andrews, 30, after Adriani Espinal recognized him a photo lineup—charges are pending. Espinal, a 25-year-old mother, was mugged along with her daughter Destiny in an elevator just six days before the girl turned three. The thief allegedly ripped a $300 bracelet off the little girl's wrist and also took her mother's $300 necklace.

Meanwhile, police don't think that Andrews is the same crook who stole a $400 necklace from a three-year-old boy (it was a baptism gift from his godparents) in the lobby of his Bed-Stuy home on July 10. In that case the thief—who followed little Harvey Hernandez and his mother and brother into the building's vestibule—had an accomplice. Those two are believed to still be at large.