A Brooklyn actor is suing Spike TV for labeling him as a drug dealer — not an actor playing one on TV — in its reality show "DEA." Iban Hernandez, 32, says he had to move his family to a safe place after receiving threats from Newark gang members who saw an episode of the drug enforcement-themed program in which he is depicted as a real-life gang informant, not a thespian playing a role in a reenactment.

To make matters worse, Hernandez claims the channel reneged on its promise to blur his face in the program, according to the Post. "These gang members are upset. Hernandez's family was terrified. Every time they are out, they are looking over their shoulder," said Hernandez's attorney Craig Borgen, who is also targeting Spike TV's parent company Viacom. "The parent company is perpetrating a fraud. People are expecting to see reality TV, but this specific episode was staged."