The Sun has some hilarious quotes about the new "real time" information signs the MTA has put up in L train stations. Our favorite is from designer Christian Rudder, who said, "If it were conceivable to walk when the wait was going to be long, I might leave. But in Brooklyn, there's no other option, so what's the point of even knowing?" Ha!

Other riders were underwhelmed, too, perhaps hoping for something more flashy and less 1990s-era. And Straphangers Campaign attorney Gene Russianoff notes that the real time boards, as useful as they are, are "kind of the icing on a rotten cake," because the signs are part of an overhaul that includes more automated trains (which means less conductors). That's true, with the MTA, the glass is always half empty.

While we know that the system is just being tested (apparently they won't be on today, for further testing), does anyone know what the numbers after "Brooklyn" mean? And our readers had some thoughts about the signs a few days ago.

Photograph of the time sign by thelexiphane on Flickr