Last year the website Roadify launched a parking spot availability website in the ironically named neighborhood of Park Slope; when a participating driver vacates a precious parking spot, they text the location to an online database, which is referenced by desperate motorists searching for a miracle. Now the site is trying a similar knowledge-sharing service for bus commuters, starting with the chronically delayed B67. Forget waiting for street-level countdown clocks to tell you how far off the friggin bus is; BusesAroundMe is promising to "change your life… seriously," according to Roadify:

It’s all based on people helping people. If I tell Roadify that I’m getting on the bus at 7th and 7th, and you’re waiting on Flatbush, Roadify will relay that information to you so you can instead wait inside your favorite local coffee shop. Instead of getting 1000 texts from everyone all over the Slope, you GET one clean list of the next bus from

This could definitely be useful when gauging whether to wait for the bus or give up and walk to the subway, but are people really ready to help people? We'll know soon enough; BusesAroundMe (BAM) is expected to launch in a couple of weeks with the B67 and later expanding to other lines. Dan Robinson, a member of the Roadify team, says that like the parking service, BAM is free and "will always be free." [Via McBrooklyn]