We've come across a lot of bad bosses—bosses who stiff exotic dancers on overtime, bosses who inflict Twilight-induced sexual harassment on subordinates, bosses who lick their employees faces—but we've never heard of a boss urinating on their employee's clothing. But that's just what a former real estate worker claims his abusive boss did to him—in addition to constantly verbally berating him, giving him “no vacation/sick days,” physically assaulting him, biting him, and repeatedly “sneezing in his face in a contemptuous fashion.” Eh, at least he wasn't farting in his general direction.

Albert Sultan, 24, claims in his lawsuit that former boss Jack Terzi, who runs Jack Terzi Real Estate, made his life a living hell for the three years he worked there. Among other things, Sultan claims Terzi forced him to sign a contract requiring him to work Monday through Friday for 12 hours a day, and 26 Sundays a year. He says Terzi gave him a “$15 fine for every minute late and $30 for every minute leaving early,” $1,000 for missing a full Sunday shift, and $1,000 for a “failed secretarial duty.”

Sultan claims Terzi regularly berated him as a “f--king idiot,” a “lowlife” and “a piece of s--t” in front of other people; he claims Terzi “physically assaulted” and “bit him;” he claims that Terzi threw a shoe, scissors and a stapler at him; and he claims Terzi “poured shavings” onto his food. And most notably, Terzi allegedly “urinated on a garment which belonged to [Sultan] in front of third persons.”

As for why Sultan didn't quit sooner, he says the contract barred him from working for any other real-estate companies for four years after leaving Terzi's employ. In a counter-lawsuit, Terzi claims Sultan is a backstabber who quit without any notice, and formed his own real estate business with confidential information stolen from Terzi. As for the allegations against him, Terzi's attorney told the News: “In an attempt to distract the court from his wrongdoing, Mr. Sultan has responded with a baseless and personal attack on Mr. Terzi. The allegations are unfounded and untrue.”