If the risk of terrible injury, getting caught cheating on your old lady, and Donald Trump haven't been able to make Pokémon Go uncool, is there anything out there that can? How about following a lure only to have it lead you straight to a real estate broker trying to sell you a shitty condo?

The Real Deal got hold of an internal email sent by Citi Habitats' Mike Schulte, who mused about the great potential Pokemon Go has for selling people real estate. Specifically, Schulte thinks that it would be a great idea to have an employee at an open house or leasing office constantly putting out lures, which would get Pokémon seekers in the door and uh...get them to lease or buy some real estate. Schulte also thinks that Citi Habitat's offices and properties should jump on the chance to become gyms or Pokestops when Nintendo officially starts letting businesses do that.

Which, you know, sounds like a great idea until you think about it for two minutes. It's not like real estate, of all industries in New York, is suffering for a dearth of customers. We also can't imagine that there's a huge amount of Pokémon Go players out there who are going to wander into an open house in search of a Jigglypuff, realize they've been lured into an open house and say "Ah yes, I WAS looking to rent a $3,000/month apartment." And finally, real estate is built in part on trust. Do you really want to start your relationship with a broker who very literally lures you to them under false pretenses?

Then again, it's not like anyone ever came to a bunch of bloggers for advice on how to get rich.