CNN reports that there's a movement from conservative politicians to put Ronald Reagan on some of our cold hard cash, ideally the $10 bill, which only has Alexander Hamilton, who wasn't even a president, or the $20 which has Andrew Jackson. We're glad that the alternate plan of putting Reagan on dimes (which have FDR on them) in case the Reagan bills don't work out was shot down by Mrs. Nancy, but there's apparently interest in putting the Gipper on half of them.

Gothamist shakes our head. Come on, do our senators have no respect for history? Alexander Hamilton was the founding Secretary of the Treasury! And Gothamist likes Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill because, well, he just looks so dashing with that wild hair. And FDR presided over the U.S. during WWII. Yes, Reagan had stature, but let's wait for the man to be buried before the really crazy ideas, okay? Gothamist head Katie Couric asked Chris Matthews about comparisons between Reagan and George W. Bush and we almost plotzed. [Via the real janelle]

Gothamist is waiting for the Republican politician who lobbies to add Reagan to Mt. Rushmore again. In the meantime, we'll watch Rushmore.