2005_06_westsidestadium.jpgTo get ready for tomorrow's NY State Public Authorities Control Board vote on whether or not public funds can be used for the proposed West Side Hudson Yards project that includes a Jets stadium, Gothamist will summarize some upcoming events, as noted in a Newsday article:

- Friday: The PAC board meets to vote; the members are Governor Pataki, State Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver, and State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. This vote's been delayed a few times and could be delayed once again, if Silver or Bruno don't show up. At the moment, Silver and Bruno hold a lot of cards, looking to leverage their votes for political favors. And today, the Post reports that Bruno wants private investors to fund the stadium.
- Monday: The International Olympics Committee will release an evaluation of the five finalist cities. The IOC (not to mention NYC) has repeatedly mentioned the importance of the West Side Stadium as part of NYC's 2012 Olympic bid plan, although there's been recent murmuring that perhaps the stadium isn't Olympic enough.
- Next Thursday: The State Supreme Court will rule whether or not the MTA's acceptance of the Jets' bid for the West side railyards is legal, with the Cablevision lawsuit against the bid leading the pack.

Honestly, our head is spinning. It's a soap opera, except a lot of old men are involved and there aren't any spoken monologues to mirrors - at least, there aren't any that we are aware of. Earlier this week, Mayor Bloomberg said on his radio show about the IOC, "The site selection committee puts out their report on the 6th of June, which is Monday [in] a week, and rumor has it that the report will be very complimentary on New York, with the one caveat that is the question about the stadium." Oh, please. Mayor B, we get that you have to do your job, but even a baby knows that's spin.

Some pro and con links: The area affected by the plan, Community Board 4, has links to information about why the stadium is a bad idea and the Hudson Yards Coalition is a pro-stadium coalition (with soft jazz music!).