marcus garvey fountainOn average, the warmest days of the year occur in the third week of July. From the 20th to the 22nd mean high temperatures are 85 degrees and the average low is 70. Starting tomorrow we are going to be well above those temperatures for several days, if not at least a week. Today’s cloud cover, and possible rain shower later in the day, will hold our temperatures down to the mid-80s. The clouds will mostly disappear tomorrow, leaving the sun to its own devices and heating us up to 90.

Things get really ugly on Monday. The mass of hot air that’s been broiling the rest of the country finally settles in over the eastern seaboard. Temperatures on Monday will come awfully close to the record high of 100 degrees. It’s going to be humid, too, making Monday truly miserable. Tuesday offers little relief. It may cool slightly, but will be more humid. Heat index values, which account for temperature and humidity, will hover around 105 for both days. When the Daily News says we are going to stew in 90+ temps for days they aren’t talking metaphorically! Right now it looks like Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week will also be hot.

We listed a few ways to beat the heat yesterday, and NY1 has a few more today. They also report from Orchard Beach, showing a woman sunbathing while covered in oil. This skeeves Gothamist out to no end –isn’t that how you barbecue chicken? We prefer to take our pasty white self into a mid-afternoon movie or museum visit. What’s your favorite way to beat the heat?

Sprinklers in Marcus Garvey Park from Queen Esther via Flickr.