schoolrules.jpgStudents were confined to classrooms until the end of the school day yesterday afternoon after a student was badly injured in a stabbing just after noon. Police swarmed through Paul Robeson High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant, looking for a student suspected in the stabbing of 18-year-old Kyle Owens, who was wounded in the neck and the chest with an unidentified weapon. Teacher and basketball coach Todd Myles helped save Owens' life by coming to his immediate aid.

Ambiguity over the source and nature of the weapon didn't seem to placate parents, who seemed furious that security agents and metal detectors on the first floor of the building didn't prevent the bloody assault. The stabbing happened in a basement hallway connecting the school's cafeteria and gym. No weapon was recovered from the scene, so it's unclear if the blade was smuggled into school. Many parents rushed to the school to retrieve their kids after being notified of the stabbing by cellphone, which are banned in city schools.

Authorities apparently know the identity of the stabber, but aren't publicizing it. The two students had been arguing before the one stabbed the other. The victim is in critical condition after being taken to Kings County Hospital.