Ex-Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has (finally) been publicly excoriated and had his contract terminated thanks to security camera footage showing him punching his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, in the elevator of Atlantic City casino. Now, Rice's native New Rochelle, NY is seemingly turning against its former Hometown Hero, removing his Ravens' jersey, photo, and commemorative plaque from the hallway of his alma mater.

Rice attended New Rochelle High School in the early aughts, and to honor him, the school hung up his high school jersey (a now-retired #5), Rutgers and Ravens jerseys, along with a photograph and plaque placed along the school's Walk of Fame. This week, they removed his Ravens jersey, plaque and photo, though the high school jersey was still up as of yesterday morning:

New Rochelle's school district superintendent, Brian Osborne, also issued a statement yesterday, calling the Rice video "a poignant reminder that domestic violence can affect anyone, and is an ongoing challenge faced by people every day across all walks of life." Per his statement:

In the last few days, each of us has seen and heard about the actions of former New Rochelle student and football player Ray Rice, and we all condemn such behavior. Our community stands united in the belief that physical violence to settle differences cannot be condoned.

The images are very personal for our community, as Mr. Rice grew up in New Rochelle, attended New Rochelle schools, and played football for New Rochelle High School. Many of us know Mr. Rice and his family, have celebrated his undeniable accomplishments, and now hope for healing and growth for him, his family and our community.

Steve Young, New Rochelle High School's athletic director, told reporters that Rice's public takedown was a "teachable moment" for students. Rice has been the pride of the city for years now, and there's even an annual "Ray Rice Day,” a football camp for hundreds of kids—it seems like city residents are having trouble dealing with their fallen hero. "Everybody makes mistakes,” 20-year-old New Rochelle resident Donald Pointer told NJ.com. “Now he’s got to learn from it. He’s got to come up from that mistake.”

And New Rochelle High School alum Vincent Mercogliano wrote a piece for RSVLTS cataloguing the school's reaction to Rice: "Downstairs in the New Rochelle athletic office, where longtime football coach Lou DiRienzo and several others who told me that Rice is 'like family' reside, it had to be a sad and conflicting day. From the brief time that I spent there on Monday as the news was still breaking, it was obvious how heavily this entire situation is weighing on them. How could someone who always seemed to do the right thing act so heinously? And how on earth is he going to pick up the pieces from here?"

Rice has been suspended from the NFL indefinitely, though there's already some talk about a comeback. The NFL is currently being investigated by former FBI director Robert S. Mueller III over allegations that a law enforcement official had seen the video prior to its release by TMZ this week.