2005_07_cindy_radar.jpgFear not fellow Gothamist, the rain's running out of time. The tropical interloper known as Cindy is quickly moving through town. As the Channel 7 radar attests, it's not too long before she's gone. While she's here a flood watch is in effect. Your favorite outdoor events may still be on for tonight!

Cindy is the third named tropical storm this season. Hurricane Dennis is over Cuba right now and will soon be heading into the Gulf of Mexico. Right down from the start this hurricane season is busy. Never before have four named storms occurred this early. Early indications are that Dennis will strike land near Mobile, Alabama later this weekend before moving up the Ohio Valley. Despite Gothamist's requests to give us a sign, Dennis is not saying if he will be our neck of the woods.

While we don't know about Dennis, it does look like we are in for a stretch of hot weather. Highs should be around 90 from Sunday through Tuesday. Because of the uncertainty surrounding Dennis forecasts beyond Tuesday are but a guess at this point.