Former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has spent the last year enveloped by a 10-man security detail, but it's set to vanish like Cinderella's pumpkin at the stroke of January 1st, DNAinfo reports.

Taxpayers have unwittingly contributed $1.5 million to keeping the erstwhile commissioner safe, despite his lucrative new career as the director for risk management at brokerage firm Cushman Wakefield, a title that reportedly nets him seven figures. And that doesn't even include his side job as a media consultant.

Kelly was an anomaly in his decision to let taxpayers go ahead and foot the bill for his safety—Bill Bratton declined publicly funded security after his first stint as commissioner, as did Bernard Kerik, though he certainly had a full slate of other problems.

It's unclear whether Kelly will bother to finance his own security, since transitioning from round-the-clock protection to nothing at all sounds potentially jarring. Still, there's got to be something cheaper out there. He could probably hire this guy for 50 bucks and a sandwich.