It's possible that all this speculation about Police Commissioner Ray Kelly leaving the NYPD to head the Department of Homeland Security is just speculation. But now there are a few signs that Kelly could be headed out the door.

On Thursday, Kelly's "consigliere"/liar-in-chief, top NYPD spokesman Paul Browne, resigned to head communications at the University of Notre Dame. Browne is being replaced by former mayoral spokesman John McCarthy, and Kelly added New York Police Foundation Valerie Salembier to assist to McCarthy.

An NYPD source read the tea leaves to DNAinfo's Murray Weiss, "Paul Browne was his body man, his double, making sure doors open when he walks through. They were so close that this is a clear indication Kelly is not staying, and the abruptness of it and obviously hiring two people for short-time says it all." Weiss writes:

He would jump at replacing outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, sources said. No one should think Sen. Charles Schumer put Kelly’s name forward to President Barack Obama without first getting the green light from Kelly.

Here’s another guess on my part: If Obama does not take Kelly to Washington, then Kelly goes to the News Corporation where, coincidentally, his son, Greg, works.

At Fox-TV’s parent company, Kelly could do on-camera analysis on national and international law enforcement issues, which would satisfy his obvious pleasure at being in front of the cameras and in the limelight. And, at News Corp., he could also serve as a private consultant to the larger Rupert Murdoch international media company, advising on a range of security and related matters.

Joel Klein, a former Justice Department official who served as Bloomberg's education chancellor, already works there. Why not Kelly?

Intriguing! And today, the NY Times has this look at the guessing game, "Representative Peter T. King, a Long Island Republican and member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said that after he spoke publicly in favor of Mr. Kelly’s candidacy, he received a thank-you call from Mr. Kelly. Mr. King said he had expected Mr. Kelly to tell him that he was not interested in the job. That did not happen."

Maybe Kelly can go cut ribbons at some more Applebee's.