NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly continued to be bombarded by questions concerning his appearance in the Islamophobic propaganda film The Third Jihad yesterday, and admitted to reporters that it was "inflammatory" and "a little much." Kelly added that when you're in his position, it's tough to keep track of all the filmmakers and journalists chasing you down for a quote. "In this job, you do a lot of interviews," he told the Times. This one sounds worse than a simple scheduling conflict: maybe it's time to fire the secretary?

At least 1,400 police officers saw the film—which states that the goal of Muslims in America is to "infiltrate and dominate,"—as it ran in a continuous loop. Kelly continued to insist that it "was never approved" by his department's counterterrorism unit, and that the sergeant who played it was "well meaning." While the commissioner has apologized "to members of the Muslim community…who would find the film inflammatory," he did not apologize for appearing in the film itself. Sources deep inside the NYPD tell us that the training film in question has been replaced with The Last Temptation of Christ.