Besides wanting cops to, you know, do their jobs, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has demanded that all police officers give up their habits of wearing NYPD merchandise (like a NYPD hat) or flaunting NYPD knick-knacks (like Officer Bear). Well, maybe they could have Officer Bear... if they get permission.

DNAinfo reports, "Sources say the restrictions stemmed from a recent incident where Kelly saw a cop wearing a T-Shirt with the NYPD letters on it with the following military expression: 'Kill Them All and Let God Sort It Out..'":

According to NYPD Interim Order P.G. 203-06, “Performance on Duty - Prohibited Conduct,” issued Jan. 19, the only time a city cop can display the NYPD letters or department insignia is on their department issued uniform when worn on-duty.

The rule identified "prohibited conduct" as wearing "any item of apparel which contains a Department logo or shield, or in any way identifies its wearer with the New York City Police Department unless approved by the Uniform and Equipment Review Committee, prior to being worn by a member of the service, uniformed or civilian, on or off-duty.”

Also, “the use of the Department logo or shield in artistic or mural forms, in caricature or cartoon-like representation,” the rule says.

Some cops wonder if this includes t-shirts dedicated to slain officers while a ranking cop told DNAinfo, “The NYPD logo is now on a par with Al Qaeda and bin Laden. We can’t display them.”

At a press conference, Mayor Bloomberg said the ban is up to Kelly, "When they’re home, they’re still police officers. And that’s one of the things that enhances the safety in our city, one of the reasons they are permitted to carry a gun. And so they’re not totally independent, even when they’re not on duty, from whatever the police department decides is appropriate. I’ll leave it to Ray."