Remember the troupe of stray cats that pretty much took over the Ravenswood apartment complex in Queens? The New York City Housing Authority wanted them out, but no all residents agreed with the tactics they were going to use—which included sealing up crawl spaces that kittens were trapped in!

Yesterday those locals trying to help, including SaveKitty's President Debi Romano, posted an update alerting everyone that the cats were indeed sealed up, and are now "trapped and dying a horrible death from incredibly hot temperatures in the crawl spaces and lack of food." Turns out the NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority) hired a contractor "who raced through the job, prematurely sealing up the crawl spaces. It was done in such haste that they sealed the buildings in 4 days, instead of the two or more weeks it should have taken."

Romano, who originally was trying to fund a trap, neuter and release program, is still seeking help in breaking through the seals and saving the cats. Today the NY Post reported on the scenario, saying 12 or more could be stuck in the spaces. However, Housing Authority spokeswoman Sheila Stainback told them they checked and found no cats before sealing the area.