Oof. Maybe Namath was right about Rex Ryan's Jets "believing that they're better than they are?" Yesterday the Jets were ripped apart by the Baltimore Ravens 34-17. It was not a pretty game for Gang Green, leaving the team 2-2 for the season with their first back-to-back double-digit losses in the Ryan era. Good thing we're facing the 3-1 Patriots next week?

As if seeing the team's defense dismantled by the Raiders last week weren't bad enough, this week the team's offense was the trouble. The team allowed two sacks and 10 quarterback hits. Meanwhile Quarterback Mark Sanchez had four turnovers, three of which were returned for touchdowns. A lot of the problem seems to that center Nick Mangold has been out the past two weeks and the Jets have been unable to fill that hole—so at least he comes back next week. Still, in the words of one fan "it was a bad, bad game."

The question now is, can Rex Ryan and get the Jets back on their pretty feet and to the Super Bowl?