2007_01_liverats.jpgIn 2005, a Columbia graduate student in statistics emailed us, noticing "a mean 10.2 and a median 8.0 rats per night" on West 108th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam. One solution was cats, another was rat snakes. But now it seems that the rats have moved to Columbia's campus. From the Columbia Spectator:

Columbia College Student Council President Seth Flaxman, CC '07, sent an e-mail to Senior Executive Vice President Robert Kasdin asking the administration to address the problem.

"There is a rat problem on campus and I'm not talking about the graduate students," he wrote. "Students are telling me there are more rats on campus at night than any of us have ever seen before ... I don't know what's causing this ratification, but I'm hoping you can talk to Facilities and lead us in our fight against the rat invaders."

The administration says there could be a number of factors, like the warm fall and winter causing an increase in rat mating and Columbia students being total slobs.

The city has faced problems with rodent control; in fact, it takes the city about 30 days to respond to a complaint - and the rat's gestation period is around 3 weeks.

Photograph taken on 14th Street and 7th Avenue by Joe Schumacher on Flickr