On last night's WPIX News At Ten, there was the most amazing lead story. The news team touted it as an "exclusive": The AMC Bay Plaza in the Bronx is infested with rats. When Julinda Lee took her children to see a movie, rats were all over them for their food. In fact, one rat crawled up her 6 year old son's leg and grabbed his snack cake! (The son super-adorably told the reporter, "I said, "Hey! No way!") Lee said one rat sat next to them, waiting for food. The Health Department had cited the theater in the past, though a visit two weeks ago showed no signs of rodents. What was hilarious, in the face of the disgusting aspect, is that WPIX 11 listed the citations and they almost looked like movie titles - "Evidence of Mice" - rated R! You can watch the clip here, if you have Windows Media Player - click on "Rodent Theater."

Other ratty incidents: Rats in the shower, letting your cats catch rats, rat academy, rats uptown, and the book, Rats.

Photograph of conveniently placed rat from copyranter