Oh, those advertising creative students are so imaginative! Students at Adhouse Advertising School developed a campaign of "edgy ads" to try to make the City of Brotherly Love attractive to New Yorkers. While this was just a student project, Gothamist has to give them props for the Hotel Chelsea poster. Philadelphia advertising agency owner Steve Grasse saw the ads and said, "It's all really brash and in your face. New York's full of s--- and it's phony. If Philly was smart they would have a real [campaign] to do it." Grasse would have wanted more about the Philly experience in the ads, but hey, why would those students go to Philly to try it out? Anyway, you can see all the ads here, and as Gridskipper points out - no Ben Franklin is anywhere. Will M. Night Shymalan be the next symbol of the city?

And Phillyist? It's on.