After crawling through the Upper East and Upper West sides, the city's Ratdemic has apparently hit the East Village. Residents of 355 East 10th Street say the rodents have been creeping through the walls, ceilings, elevators and halls nonstop. One resident told NY1, "It's very bad. It's so bad that certain people can't even sleep because you're terrified. I mean this lady had 24 rats in the front of her kitchen. How can you live like that?" Now let's all let out a collective "EEEEWWWWW."

Workers removed 24 dead rats on Friday, and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development says they've issued two citations against the landlord. But some residents can't tell which is worse: the rats or the toxic rat poison. One said, "It's disgusting. It's poisonous to their health...I mean just the fumes from the poison that they have put into the building is toxicating alone." Though if there are any injuries, residents could be seeing a hefty payout. Back in 2005, a landlord paid $800,000 to the family of a girl bitten by a rat that crawled into the bathroom through a broken tile.