091808dreads.jpgThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EEOC] has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Grand Central Partnership on behalf of four Rastafarian security guards (not pictured) who say they've been unfairly punished for not tucking their dreadlocks under their uniform caps. The lawsuit, which seeks back pay and damages for pain and humiliation, asserts that three of the men were suspended for at least one day, with one plaintiff forced to shave his beard. Rastafarian beliefs prohibit men from cutting their hair, and some of the men have dreads that are several years long. The lawyer for the EEOC tells the Times, "It would be hard to imagine that amount of hair sitting under a baseball cap." A spokesman for the the business improvement district partnership said they were surprised by the lawsuit because they had recently agreed to provide custom-made hats so they could tuck in their dreadlocks.