We knew the post-Christmas Blizzard (or, the Boxing Day Blizzard of 2010) was going to be intense, but could we be in the midst of a "thundersnow", a rare kind of thunderstorm with snow falling instead of rain? People are Tweeting reports that lightning is striking all over the West Side of Manhattan, with thunder rumbling around the buildings as snow continues to fall heavily.

The Journal describes the blizzard: "In fact, the snow storm may be so intense that “thundersnow” — that rarest of meteorological holy grails — could occur off and on throughout Sunday over Manhattan, as the peak of the storm moves through. Keep an ear to the window to listen for the telltale rumbles of thunder." If you have any pictures of the "thundersnow," you can share your photos by sending them to photos@gothamist.com or tagging them "gothamist" on Flickr.

Here's a clip from The Colbert Report covering "thundersnow" and the Four Snowmen of the Apocalypse: