The people at Skyline Books emailed us to let us know they'd be closing up shop January 31st, 2010 — after being in business since September of 1990. Sigh. They say they're just one of many independent bookstores folding under the pressures of increasing rents, online bookselling, and the city's changing landscape. They also believe they are one of the last bookstores to have a cat! (Our own John Del Signore points out that "Spoonbill & Sugartown has a 3 legged cat who will outlive us all.") The shop told us the owner may not be able to take her home due to other pets, saying: "Linda is a territorial cat. She's had complete run of that bookstore her entire life, she's 8 years old, and for 8 years any dog that's intruded on her domain has been sent packing and she's pretty good at it. Ideally if another bookstore could take her. She's a book store cat, and there just aren't any left, book stores or book store cats. it's very sad."