Pot-friendly rapper Wiz Khalifa has a very bright future ahead according to some outlets, but he may want to think about upgrading his entourage. One of the member's of his crew was conned out of $750, his cell phone, and his bling in Times Square yesterday. Because what else would happen at 5 a.m. in Times Square?

Julian Wimbush, 26, who handles merchandising for Wiz, was approached by a man near the InterContinental Hotel on West 44th Street, asking him if he "wanted a girl." Intrigued by his tantalizing offer, Wimbush followed him to an undisclosed, and presumably shady, building; the man asked him to take out all his money and jewelry before entering a metal detector, then ran off with his stuff. Embarrassed by the encounter, Wimbush chose a dignified lie, initially telling police that he was robbed at a Burger King. Lesson: if you're gonna try to buy a hooker, at least man up to it if something goes wrong.