Rapper Joe Budden, who is wanted by the NYPD for an August 18th assault on a former girlfriend, taunted the NYPD on Twitter over the weekend, claiming he would sue the department over the allegations. He also told the NYPD that he would be in a strip club in Astoria if they would like to find him.

It all started on Friday evening when the NYPD sent out a call for public assistance in finding Budden, a rapper and reality TV star, after he was allegedly involved in an August 18th robbery. Budden's former girlfriend claims Budden stole her phone and twisted her arm in the process. The NYPD distributed a photo of Budden, and told citizens to be on the lookout.

Budden was not pleased by this turn of events, and quickly threatened legal action.

He then gave the NYPD some help in locating him:

Of course, this doesn't really narrow it down. Asking for someone to find you at a strip club in Astoria is like telling them you'll be the guy in a bathing suit at the beach. But still, Budden seems to be having some fun on the lamb: