A gunman opened fire on a car in Briarwood early this morning, killing rapper Chinx Drugz, born Lionel Pickens, and critically wounding another occupant of the car.

Lookin up n down da block like fuck is the doe at #dopehouse #yay

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According to police, the shooter was in a car that pulled up alongside Pickens's vehicle, a Porsche Panamera, on Queens Boulevard at 84th Drive around 4 a.m. Sunday. A photo from the scene after dawn shows seven bullet holes in the Panamera's front and rear driver's-side windows.

Photos shot later in the morning show the Panamera touching the back of a parked car, the passenger door ajar.

The wounded man, 27, is in critical condition at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, cops said. Pickens, 31, was scheduled to appear at a party at Club Red Wolf in Bensonhurst earlier in the evening. He posted a photo to Instagram of himself with friends a few hours before his death.

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Pickens lived in Ozone Park, and was an associate of French Montana. Pickens appeared prominently on several of the Bronx rapper's Coke Boys mixtapes and was set to release a solo album called Welcome to JFK this year. As the Daily News gleefully points out, his first mixtape was titled Hurry Up & Die Vol. 1: Get Ya Casket On. He was best known for his single featuring French Montana, "I'm a Coke Boy."

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill wrote an impassioned plea on Instagram this morning, calling for fellow rap artists to take the killing as a sign to get out of the ghetto before they get shot over something stupid:

This is exactly why I don't play in the streets ..... Chinx to French like Omelly to me! I tell @Omelly and my real day 1s get out that hood no matter what it cost or the circumstance! It's nothing that add up to losing ya life at a young age!!! Niggas killing niggas that's Tryna win! I got love for the people in the hood but I don't fuck wit the hood nomore! I dont agree with the rules, most of that shit stupid to me now because I learned and it has nothing to do with having money! Seeing shit like happen always make my heart cold and make me act in cold ways towards my own kind of people! I hate to see potential DIE!! REST WELL #CHINX WE GONE FUCKING MISS YOU!!!

Tributes from rappers, fans, and hip-hop journalists began to flood social media as this was being written, with some remarking on the similarity to the 2007 murder of the Queens rapper Stack Bundles.

Update 2 pm:

Photos added from the crime scene.